So many times, I have talked with racers and asked them if they have a Facebook Page and they give me a confused look and say “Yes” thinking to themselves “Doesn’t  everybody?!”.

However, when I ask them to send me a link to their Facebook Page, they simply send me a link to their Facebook Friends Profile. There is a big difference between a Facebook Friends Page / Profile  and a Facebook “Fan / Like” Page.

As an athlete who is going after sponsors, having a Facebook Fan Page is very important and is one of the easiest things you can do to promote yourself and keep your sponsors and fans up to date! You are already on Facebook, why not take things one step farther and set up a Facebook Fan Page.

But you say “Jeff, why does every racer need a Facebook page anyways?” 

Well below are just a few reason why YOU should have a Facebook Fan Page:1. Sending sponsors to your Facebook Friend Page looks unprofessional.

Having a Facebook Fan Page makes you look more professional

2. A Facebook Fan Page separates your personal life from your racing life.

Often times people put up pics not particularly related to racing on their friends page or may even get tagged in a pic that is a little embarrassing that you don’t want sponsors to see. I think we are all guilty of that!

Don’t let sponsors see those embarrassing photos 

3. Sponsors can follow or “Like” your Facebook Fan Page

A Facebook Fan Page is easier to “like” than a Facebook Friends Page. For a sponsor to actually follow you on a Friends Page they have to send you a friend request from their own personal Facebook Friends Page, which they may not want to do because they themselves do not want to mix their personal Facebook with their business.

Sponsors “Like” racers on Facebook!

4. Facebook limits a Friends page to 5,000 friends

You can only have 5,000 friends on a friends page. Facebook Pages can have unlimited “Likes” / followers.

5. Facebook Fan Pages can have multiple admins

Lets say you are out racing for the weekend and you want to keep your “Fans” (Sponsors, Family, & Friends) updated throughout the weekend. But there is problem with a Facebook Friends page, there is only one login… Your own personal login. Facebook Fan Pages allow you to add other people and give them access to post on your Facebook Page as you. This is a great way to keep everyone up to date in real time without having to find time between races to post on your Facebook page. You can have a friend or family member do it for you!

You can have a friend or family member post as you on your Facebook Fan Page!

5. Companies can tag you in their posts

One of the biggest advantages of having a Facebook Page is that your sponsors can tag you in posts. This can have a big impact on growth of your Facebook page as your sponsors often have huge followings.

Your sponsors can tag you in posts if you have a Facebook page

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