it's in our blood.

From social media to off-road, we have been in it for over half our life. We were raised with it.  

Our social media expertise dates back to day one when social media was first thought of with MySpace. Throughout the years our roots have always been deeply rooted in social media and our branches have stemmed out to provide more services like web design, video production, lead gen, and full on marketing campaigns, on and offline. 

who we are.



For the last five years, Jeff M. Vanasdal has been working for Can-Am Off-Road as the Global Community Manager. In his role, he helped Can-Am Off-Road generate authentic engaging conversations and helped grow their social media accounts to over 2 million followers.

Now, Jeff and his team of developers and marketing experts work with numerous off-road and watercraft companies to grow their businesses with unique omni-channel marketing and lead generation. 



Since 2013, Dustin has worked as a salesman in major retail stores and car dealerships, while also painting his own path into the social media world. He has pretty much had a computer since he was 9 years old and is very skilled when it comes to finding out how companies can achieve more! He is very personable and always goes the extra mile to make ends meet for the customer. 

He joined TopthePodium.com back in 2019 and has combined his computer skills, social media intelligence and excellent graphics background to really come full circle in the Motorsports industry, and now branching out towards restaurants and dealerships as well. He can pretty much do it all, and if he can’t, he will research until he has learned every detail.