The first thing you need is to have a professional looking sponsorship resume. Whether you do it yourself, or you have design your sponsorship resume, you want to design your sponsorship resume to stand out from the crowd. Your sponsorship resume should present yourself in a professional manner that someone would invest in. This means checking your spelling, and providing relevant information about yourself, what you do, and how you will promote your sponsors.

Before you send out your sponsorship resume, you want to plan ahead so that you know whom you are going to send your sponsorship resume to, when they accept sponsorship resumes, and in what format you are going to send your sponsorship resumes.


  1. Gather up the email addresses and / or mailing addresses of the companies you would like to send your sponsorship resume to. For your convenience we have posted many sponsorship openings directly on We made it super easy to find the email addresses where you need to send your sponsorship resume.
  2. Some companies prefer for you to fill out a sponsorship form directly on their website. Again we made it convientent to find this information on as well under sponsorship openings.

Get Organized

  1. Before you send out your sponsorship resumes, be sure to create a list of companies you are going to send them to. This will keep you organized and help you know who has got back with you and who hasn’t.
  2. To help you organize your sponsorship contacts, we created an Excel Spreadsheet that you can use to help keep your contacts together in one easy to use form.

Sending Out your Sponsorship Resumes

In Person

Presenting your sponsorship resume in person is a great way to build relationship with local companies. Meeting face-to-face with potential sponsors can have a huge impact on the amount of sponsorship they might offer you. This allows your potential sponsor to get to know you a little better than just reading quickly through your sponsorship resume. In addition it gives them the opportunity to ask you questions about what you do, and what kind of sponsorship you are looking for.

Traditional Mail (snail mail)

This used to be the most popular way to send out your sponsorship resumes before the internet, however you can still do it today. Sending out your printed sponsorship resume by mail gives it a personal touch, however it will cost you. You have to take in consideration the cost of printing your sponsorship resumes, buying envelopes, and paying for postage. Keep in mind before you go out and spend the extra money to send your resumes in the mail, some companies only accept sponsorship resumes via email.


Most companies these days prefer for racers to send in their sponsorship resumes via email. Not only is is cheaper for racers to send their sponsorship resume this way, it makes it faster and easier for companies to review your sponsorship resume and get back with you. 

Email Blast

This is a brand new service we are offering this year. We are blending a service we normally use to send out press releases for companies and offering it to racers at an affordable price. By having handle sending out your sponorship resumes with an email blast, it will save you time attaching your sponsorship resume to every single resume you send out. Not to mention, it will make you look more professional than the average Joe using an email like You yourself could send out a mass email to your sponsor contact list, however most email clients like Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, etc. will limit how many emails are sent out at once and they may get sent to the recipients junk box. uses a mass email client that is designed to send out 1,000’s of emails at once in the proper format.

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