Sponsorship Resumes

Your sponsorship resume must be impressive. You want your resume to stand out from the towering stack of resumes that companies receive. That is why I design sponsorship resumes to look professional, not all one big glob of overwhelming text, and to catch the eye of the person reviewing the resumes.

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Dillon Ramey Resume

Autograph Posters

An autograph poster is one of the best things you can create to hand out to fans as well as sponsors. When you have an autograph poster designed, not only are you promoting yourself by creating a fan base, you are also making your sponsors happy by promoting their company on your poster. Think about it, if you were a company owner and you had a racer hand you a custom signed autograph poster, you would be pretty impressed right? And more than likely you would hang it in your office.

I have designed many autograph posters for some of the biggest names in the industry. Keep in mind, you don’t have to be a pro racer to have a poster designed, all you need are a few high quality action shots and a clean head shot and your good to go!

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